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Hello, I’m Maxine, a keen sewer and newbie blogger, and I have set up this website to help other sewers out there who want to start on a dressmaking journey.  There are so many sites, blogs, vlogs etc out there and personally I find it can get a bit overwhelming when you are starting out, so the idea behind Sew Ready is to take you on the same journey that I started over two years ago when  I enrolled on a Beginners Dressmaking Course.

I have always loved sewing and creative craft, I remember having a small toy machine when I was very young and used to try to make clothes for my Barbie dolls.  My nan and mum always had a sewing machine so I grew up knowing how to use one, and inherited some ancient machines along the way.  I suppose it was The Great British Sewing Bee that sparked my interest in making clothes, rather than soft furnishings and it wasn’t until Series 2 finished that I discovered my local college was running a Beginners Dressmaking Course.  It was a 20 week course and I was hooked, from the first lessons where we made a pair of PJ bottoms to a shirt for my little boy as my final project, I wanted to know everything about dressmaking.  I followed this course with an intermediate level in dressmaking and in addition took an online course, read many books, watched countless Youtube videos and followed many blogs, and feel that I now have the knowledge and experience to help others on their sewing journey.

So I guess I should start where I did with my very first make, a pair of PJ bottoms (which incidentally I never wore, whilst they fitted great the fabric was from the freebie stash at college – very floral and not really my thing!).  I can’t even post a photo of them as they went in the charity bag but I have since made PJs for my daughter and the latest make of these will be the first tutorial I will post.

In case you want to know a bit more about me, I’m married with 3 children, two girls (age 14 & 12) and a cheeky chappie boy aged 6.  We live on the Devon/Cornwall border about 11 miles from the North Cornish coastline.  I’m a stay at home mum but am kept busy with sewing and running our holiday cottage business http://www.staddonbarns.co.uk

This is my sewing workstation (I have taken over the spare room, sorry to my visitors who have to make do with an airbed!), and from my desk I have a fantastic panaromic view from Dartmoor to Bodmin Moor.

sewing workstation desk

And this is my other workstation (my daughter’s desk), where I seem to be spending most of my time of late!

Sewing blogger

As I’ve said there are some great tutorials and videos out there, I have put a link in the Mini Tutorials section to one of the best websites I have come across, Tilly and the buttons.  Her tutorials are easy to follow, have colourful graphics and cover all the basics for beginners to the more advanced. I would also highly recommend her book, Love at First Stitch (while the style of clothing isn’t really me, the information and techniques covered are great).

I follow lots of great blogs and highly recommend Oliver and S which has great childrens’ patterns, Liesl & Co womens patterns and great tutorials and sew alongs.

You can also follow me on Pinterest where I only post pins that I have read and  recommend – so often with Pinterest the links are bombarded with Google ads, it drives me crazy when boxes keep popping up all over when all I want to do is read a Pin!  That’s not to say none of my Pins do this but it’ll be limited.  I’ll also Pin all my original posts and tutorials and I have a great board called Fashion Inspiration where I’m just Pinning photos of clothing that I would like to be able to replicate (one day!) – it is all based on dressmaking, patterns & tutorials.  You really can lose hours of your life on that site…..

I’m also fairly new on Instagram which I absolutely love, there is so much inspiration to be found and I’m enjoying discovering amazing talented people! (not so keen on posting photos of me but I’m building in confidence about that!).  I have a Facebook page too but not so active on that since discovering Instagram, there is a great group called Dressmaking Bloggers Network so have joined that for connecting with like-minded individuals.

Finally, I have an email subscription form on this site, so sign up and you will automatically receive new blog posts by email.

Until then, happy sewing and please feel free to add any comments about anything related to sewing or this site, I’d love to hear from you.

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